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Changing your wedding plans due to COVID? Here are some ideas for your flowers!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Are you feeling stressed about rearranging your wedding plans due to COVID-19? You’re not alone!

There have been tens of thousands of weddings postponed around the world, and these statistics are estimated to grow into the millions by the end of the summer.

Many engaged couples are adjusting their wedding plans in order to accommodate to COVID-19 safety guidelines. If this is you, our hearts go out to you! We know adjusting your original vision of your wedding day can be disappointing - and even confusing given the constant changing status of the proper safety procedures!

Newlyweds look at each other and pose for a photo. Bridal bouquet w/ peach & white roses, assorted greenery.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your special day! In fact, you may now have the opportunity to celebrate the occasion more than once! How many brides get to do that?!

Having two wedding celebrations can add a lot of additional tasks and details to work out, but it’s a route that many couples are taking in order to host smaller and more socially-distanced ceremonies.

When it comes to your flowers, we wanted to give you some ideas about what you can do if you are revising your wedding plans. We are here to help you!

Close Relations Now, Larger Ceremony Later

The most common plan for current couples is to host a smaller and more personal ceremony now with a larger ceremony later. Even with this strategy, there are still a few options.

It is common to have a “minimony” which consists of solely the nuptials and typically only a guest list of about ten people. For those who still want to host a smaller reception afterward, there are “microweddings” with close friends and family up to about fifty guests. Couples then have the option to host a sequel wedding as a larger ceremony and full party later on once more people are able to attend.

If this is the case for your current situation, then we would suggest and encourage creating bouquets that are a little different to make each occasion uniquely special. Most brides who are taking this route have chosen to add in more creative ideas that they normally would have turned down if in a more traditional setting. Here is your chance to be a little more daring!

For example, if your wedding color scheme is primarily blushes and ivories, you might want to carry bright colored flowers at the smaller event for contrast. Also, if there is a more dramatic or rare shade you really like, such as deep purple or bright teal, but didn’t want to include it in your full-color scheme before, now you could incorporate this new aspect in a minor but noticeably cute way.

Overall, the option for two different sized occasions allows you to go for more creative options during your more personal ceremony.

One Ceremony Now, One Reception Later

Some brides are choosing to have their ceremony and reception as two separate occasions on different dates in order to celebrate for longer once it is deemed safer. If this is a plan you're considering, here’s an idea for you.

For your ceremony, you could keep the same plan and carry the original bouquets. Then we can recreate similar designs on a smaller scale for decorations at your future reception. This is a way to keep uniformity between the events, without having to purchase your full flower plan twice.

We can assist with the floral preparations regardless of which alternative wedding plan style you choose. We are very flexible and even with short notice, we are able to help you create beautiful personalized bouquets. It is our ultimate goal to have your flowers help create the special and unique wedding day you desire!


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