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Wedding Planning

Spreadsheet Template

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Congratulations! You're engaged!

This is an exciting time. As you go through the process of planning your wedding, remember that at the end of the day what's most important is that you and your fiance are MARRIED. Then you have the rest of your lives to work on your marriage. Your wedding is one day. But yes, it can be really fun and amazing day :)

My guess is that you have probably come across quite a few “Wedding Checklists”. In fact, you might have a folder of several files saved on your computer or a stack printed out sitting on your desk. Or maybe you’ve made accounts on The Knot, Zola, Wedding Wire, and others, just to be sure you got everything...


Here’s the thing - these checklists are helpful, but no one of them is EVER complete. No one source seems to have every task you need for your wedding. And even if one did, you probably have specific tasks that are unique to your wedding (such as, “Ask Aunt Susie to bring the photo of your grandmother from her wedding day”) that no list will ever have.

But with all the moving parts and details to be planned, how can you keep track of everything and keep your sanity?

We hear ya!

We’ve created for you an editable Wedding Planning Spreadsheet template where you can compile ALL the tasks you need to complete for your wedding.

Here’s the thing - we’ve included many of the things you’ll need to do on this list, with a suggested month in which to start it. But, we’ll tell you up front - it’s not a complete list as is! 


We understand that there are so many resources out there to tell you what and when to do things, and you’ll have to decide which ones you need and when they need to be done for your unique wedding. We just wanted to give you a simple, single place to keep all these to-do’s to help you stay organized and maybe just a little bit more sane during this wedding planning process.


Along with the To-Do list, you’ll find a few other helpful resources in this Wedding Planning Template. These are templates to help you organize your budget, registry items, vendors, and seating chart. You may only use some, or you may use all - it’s all about what you need. Each of these parts is editable, so that you can make it work for YOU.

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