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Spring 2020 Local Bridal Shows

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

We all know wedding planning can become overwhelming very quickly. From the wedding dress to the guest list to the DJ, there are so many decisions to make. And if you live in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, or Lehigh county - there are so many great options for wedding venues and vendors!

One thing that can help you plan your wedding day is attending bridal shows.

Bridal bouquet with shoes
Bride Bouquet & Shoes (Photo courtesy of Blacklevel Photography)

Bridal shows are a great way to make a personal connection with vendors such as hair and make up artist, baker, and photographer. This personal connection can help you make the right choice for who to select for your wedding. Also, it's really efficient to be able to meet so many vendors face-to-face in one place in one afternoon.

Plus, you could win some prizes! Who doesn’t love prizes?

So if you’re planning your wedding and want to do so in a fun and personal matter, check out this list of upcoming bridal shows in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and Lehigh County.

Bucks County Bridal Shows

Montgomery County Bridal Shows

Chester County Bridal Shows

Lehigh County Bridal Shows

Married couple outside wedding venue at sunset
Rivercrest Weddings Spring Wedding (Photo Courtesy of Blacklevel Photography)

If you love these photos, be sure to check out Blacklevel Photography!

And if you love the flowers in these photos, you can get in touch with us here or give us a call at 215-822-1530.


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